The Lord has a plan for women, and through baptism, part of the plan includes the mission to convert the world to lead others to Christ. Knowing Gina as I do, I know that she will touch your hearts and give you much to reflect upon.
— Bishop R. Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa

Gina Bauer is one of the most inspiring and engaging voices reaching Catholic teens today. As a keynote for our 2013 Diocesan Youth Rally, Gina’s presentations met the teens where they are with humor, with, sincerity, and love. The 200+ teens who heard Gina speak at the rally left with a greater sense of hope and joy, and a heightened desire to deepen their relationship with Christ through personal prayer and the sacraments. Aside from her presentations, Gina was a joy to work with, as her main goal in life is to share Jesus Christ with everyone she encounters, on and off stage. I highly recommend Gina for any parish or diocesan outreach to youth!
— Craig T. Dyke, Director of Evangelization & Family Life Catholic Diocese of Peoria, IL

Her message comes from a heart converted and a faith well formed - and therein lies the secret.
— Joe Roueche, Local Outreach Coordinator for NET Ministries

If you liked Pope Francis’ Exhortation “The Joy of the Gospel,” then you’ll love Gina Bauer! She gets it and lives it in word and deed. Drawing from her own experiences as a youth ministry veteran, she lovingly challenged the youth ministers in our diocese to take the deep breath of prayer that is so necessary for the Church’s mission. Her infectious joy and wisdom immediately put our wearied youth ministers at ease and inspired them to reach greater heights in their personal relationship with Christ and in their ministries. However, of all the gifts she shared with us, I was most touched by her love. Instead of seeing herself as off-duty when she wasn’t talking as many other speakers do, Gina was constantly conversing and praying with individual youth ministers. We all walked away with a deeper realization of the Lord’s love for us because of our encounters with Gina Bauer.
— Tessa Schealler, Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Des Moines, IA

Gina’s witness and humor are a joy!
— Ellen, Women’s Retreat in Iowa

Thank you so much for everything! You have truly changed my life for the better! You do so much for our teens and as leaders we are so thankful.
— Kristin, youth leader

I came to your talk and sat next to my girlfriend. For some time there has been a war going on between me and God. But thanks to your words we came to a firm unanimous decision. Thank you for your inspiring wisdom!
— Tony, youth

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking to our parish! I attended with my husband and sons. You delivered your message with passion and humor!
— Parent at St. Cornelius Parish