speaker, teacher, trainer, humorous,

entertaining while powerfully conveying the TRUTH



Gina is a dynamic entertaining speaker, teacher, and trainer with years of experience serving dioceses, parishes, families, youth/young adults, men and women’s groups. Gina captivates and engages her audience with lively stories and humor. She is able to convey Catholic teachings in a compassionate, down-to-earth style that reaches hearts of listeners. Her vocation as a wife and mother of four personally connects her to audiences on a very real and practical level, drawing them in the beautiful love story of the Catholic Church. Her inspirational speaking moves listeners and equips them with practical tools to live holy lives in today's culture.

Gina has been a youth minister for years, successfully pioneering youth programs in parishes throughout Minnesota. Gina developed and administered vibrant youth programs. Including annual pilgrimages to Steubenville Catholic youth Conferences all over the country, coordinated yearly retreats, weekly Adoration, and scheduled frequent participation in the sacraments for the youth.

Gina has extensive experience training and mentoring religious leaders, lay leaders, and Catholic educators throughout the country. She was invited to the LifeTeen program's founding parish to train youth ministers from around the country. Gina has been a teacher and speaker for St. Paul Seminary in Minnesota, NET Ministries in the Twin Cities, and the St. John Bosco Conference for catechists and religious educators in Steubenville, Ohio. She has traveled the country serving as a retreat master and trainer for youth and adult groups alike in such venues as the Ave Maria Catholic Youth Conference in Florida, diocesan-sponsored events, individual parish programs, and private retreats. She is an expert on the topic of the dignity and vocation of women in today's culture.

Gina received her undergraduate degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN and her Master's in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas Institute for Religious and Pastoral Studies.