Speaking, Presentations, and Retreat Topics

Gina has spoken on many topics including the dignity and vocation of the human person, Theology of the Body, saving our culture through the family, and MUCH more!

“Jesus explained, ‘from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45).’ I can’t think of a better example of this reality than Gina Bauer! Her presentations reveal her intense love for Christ and her unmatched passion for God’s people! Gina speaks truth in a way that breaks down walls and builds up the Kingdom. Her authenticity will have your audience laughing...her compassion will help them understand their dignity...and her charity will lead them to an encounter with Jesus Christ! Book Gina today—your audience will thank you!”

Keep the Holy Spirit Alive in Your Life

Have you ever wondered what to do after a youth conference or Steubenville trip when you’re on fire for God? How to keep the momentum going in your faith? GINA BAUER spoke to a High School religious education classes in 2019 about keeping the Holy Spirit alive and well in our lives. Here are the audio clips of her talks!

“The Dignity and Vocation of Women”

A series of thought provoking talks to inspire, empower and educate women and men, as to the dignity and calling of women, their relationships with men, the Church and the world. These talks can also be designed for our younger audiences! This talk is based on St John Paul’s apostolic letter Mulieris Dignitatem.

“Theology of the Body”

Gina’s presentation on the Theology of the Body by St. John Paul II is for all ages. Gina will unpack the Divine plan for human love, with humor and inspiration she helps audiences both young and old to grasp the very important truths of the Catholic faith.

“The Truth About Trouble”

Jesus has already won the victory over sin, death and all suffering! All troubles can be turned for our good by the God who loves us! Gina bases her talk on teachings about human suffering by St. John Paul II and is excellent for youth, adults, and the elderly.

“The Promise: It’s in the Word of God”

God is a Father who keeps His promises. Divine Revelation (God’s Promises) as contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition...this talk will unpack the essential Catholic understanding for belief in the Word of God and to inspire individuals to take action using the Word of God as a source of practical everyday wisdom.

“On the Family”

The role of the family is to guard,communicate and reveal love. Jesus wants the family to become all that God intends it to be, the family must return to Him! Gina’s talk on the family is based on the document about family (Familiaris Consortio) by St. John Paul II and is for all ages.

“The Holy Spirit and You!”

This talk is perfect for Confirmation retreats and events or an evening of inspiration for people of all ages. Designed to strengthen the reception of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and empowering all to live fully their Life in Christ. The talk is based on Sacred Scripture and “The Lord and Giver of Life” (St. John Paul II).

“What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

This chastity talk is for teens based on St. John Paul II’s book “Love and Responsibility”, Sacred Scripture, and Catechism about guarding and defending true love. This talk will give young people the tools to live out friendships with the opposite sex in a pure and chaste way. You must discover who you are in Christ before you can become a gift for the other.

“The Rules of the Red Sea”

Gina will present on the book “The Same God Who Led You in Will Lead You Out” by Robert Morgan and as a Scripture study. This talk has ten practical points for how God leads us in difficult times. The talk can be done as several presentations for a retreat or condensed into one talk and is great for all ages.

“Baptism...It’s All About the Grace!”

This talk is designed for all ages in Baptism classes and retreats for parents.The talk is based on Sacred Scripture and the Catechism.

“Holy Eucharist: Powerhouse of Grace”

An inspiring presentation enabling us to know and love Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Strengthen by our faith in this Sacrament we are able to live and love the way God meant us to in everyday life.

“Prayer: Courageous Leadership and Practical Spirituality”

Includes five practical steps to contemplative prayer based on St. Teresa of Avila. The talk is designed to help strengthen those who lead in our Church. Learn five practical steps to pray as well as practical guidelines in building an effective leadership team.